Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Freedomain Radio Documentary!

This October 1st, esteemed philosopher and host of the Freedomain Radio Philosophy Talk Show: Stefan Molyneux, will be releasing what's sure to be a breakthrough documentary on politics, family, and philosophy.The teaser, released just yesterday, begins with a promise from Molyneux to distinguish between "the real and the unreal."  Fantastic scenery then fills the screen and inspiring words fill the air as an ode to nature and humanity is given forth.  But what comes next is truly the darkest contrast that could possibly be made with such beauty.  Sadly, the topic of this documentary will not be the beauty of mankind, since we all understand and revel in it already.  The topic of this documentary will be the dark cloud that looms over civilization that most people dare not speak of openly.  That dark cloud is State debts, an increasingly ignorant and miseducated population, massive prison gulag systems and wars on absolutely everything- from herbs to people.

As Molyneux points out, most people are currently under the impression that the Government is already taking care of these problems.  However, it is historically evident that when the State attempts to "solve a social problem" that problem only gets worse, and the State only gets bigger.  I'm hoping this documentary will not only do a good job illuminating the historical trend mentioned in the teaser trailer, but will also explicate the psychology behind the mass irrational support for State power.  This could very well be the case, as hinted in this thread on the FDR messageboards by Molyneux himself,

"...what I really need is a team of people who can search the works of major philosophers and theologians to find how the state is compared to the family; the "King/Priest is like your father," "Mother Mary," "Uncle Sam," "Founding Fathers" etc.
 I believe this could be an extremely profound look at things, if presented in the right way with the best supporting evidence.  It could really open a lot of minds to the idea of liberty and objective morality.  Molyneux, as he has proven in the past with his incredibly popular Youtube channel, is definitely the best philosopher for this task.  I look forward to it's release so that I can burn DVDs and pass them out to friends, family, strangers even! I hope you'll do the same.  Thanks for reading!


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