Saturday, September 22, 2012

Attention Citizens!

Attention Citizens!

Your attention is required for this Public Service Announcement.

This is just a reminder about your requirements as a citizen in our new world order.

In our global economy, you are required to work for at least 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, year round.

While you attend Work, remember that you are required to follow the orders of your bosses and managers
at all times.  These men and women sign your checks, without them you would have nothing.
Therefore any disobedient citizen should be understood as suicidal and reported to the Authorities for a check-up

Also! Your obligation to the Economy does not end outside of work.  Do not forget that you are required to spend
100% of each paycheck you receive on bills, goods, and services.

During time not spent shopping, you are required to plug in to Facebook or the television to help us build
a better, more connected and informed community.

Do NOT spend time attempting to read any books you may have found.
Do NOT spend time attempting to build things for yourself.
Do NOT attempt to grow food for yourself.
Do NOT attempt to leave the city.

These practices are not required in our global Economy and therefore are discouraged.  Time outside of work
is meant for shopping and consuming goods and information. Spending time on other activities has been
scientifically proven to cause exhaustion, which is unacceptable.

Individuals attempting such activities are dangers to themselves and society.  They threaten our very way
of life and our collective Economic system.  They threaten civilization itself.
If you find anybody attempting these activities, report them to the Authorities for re-education immediately.


The global economy requires much of us.  Some people may have trouble adjusting to the new conditions and
behaviors required of them.  This has been proven scientifically.  Humans have trouble making adjustments.

If you feel your brain is having trouble adjusting then please report to your local Bureau of Health and Wellness
immediately.  Symptoms of maladjustment include irritability, forgetfulness, figiting, disobedience, confusion,
 day dreaming and flights of fancy, sleepiness, anxiety, hearing voices and loss of sleep.
Medications can be allocated immediately upon reporting such symptoms.

Society today requires of you that your individual dreams and desires be in accordance with what the Global Economy
requires of you.  Do not pursue anything outside of your Economic requirements.
Thank you, and I will see you at work tomorrow!


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