Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There Is No Such Thing As Authority!

This video demonstrates that the general conception of authority turns out to represent nothing more than the use of coercive force.

Using the word Authority only masks this reality.

You may say that a doctor is your "authority" on health, that parents the the "authorities" of their kids, or that a Physicist is an "authority" in their field of study, but this is PURELY metaphor.  It describes a person's submission to greater skill and expertise- not coercion.  Neither doctors, parents, or physicists  necessarily use force against anybody.  Saying that someone is an "authority" is either referring to your opinion about their expertise if we are in Metaphorland, but the general concept alludes solely to the use of coercive force.   Sometimes it can refer to both.

There are no authorities, there are only people who use violence to enforce obedience.


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