Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Comprehensive Summary of Stellar Metamorphosis Theory

The Earth is an ancient, evolved star.
The process of Stellar Metamorphosis goes much further than Big Bang religionists will allow.

"Stars are born from powerful electromagnetic events and stabilize over their lifetimes." - Jeffrey Wolynski

Stellar Metamorphosis (SM) is the incredible theory of Jeffrey Wolynski which holds that all celestial bodies are formed through an electromagnetic process, beginning with brightly burning, superconducting stars, and ending with the smoldering remains called planets.

Rather than relying on the ad hoc "explanations" offered by the establishment, SM theory offers an elegant, holistic explanation.  All major bodies are, or were, stars; the only difference between them is age and size.


Explanations for Specific Stellar Phenomena:

Falsifications of Establishment Theory:

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