Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gaede Talks Feynman and the JFK Assassination

Tim Brooks: Bill Gaede The people who know quantum mechanics the best freely admit that there is a large number of people who are fundamentally incapable of understanding quantum physics, do you ever worry that maybe you are just one of those people?

Bill Gaede: people who know quantum mechanics... are known as monks

Monk E. Mind: Richard Feynman said, " I think I can safely say that no one understands Quantum Mechanics."

Bill Gaede: Tim didn't say understand. He said KNOW!

Bill Gaede: Idiot Feynman didn't understand QM. He 'knew' it! (...by heart)

Tim Brooks: Monk E. Mind that is not what he said exactly, and what he did say was that anyone who says they understand quantum phsyics doesnt understand quantum phsyics - and it was a joke! he didnt really mean it!

Bill Gaede: Funny! Bohr said the same thing 50 years earlier!

Bill Gaede: He wasn't kidding either!

Tim Brooks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdZMXWmlp9g

Monk E. Mind: HA!
" And in his video, “Why Magnets Attract?” he says, “I don’t have an answer that I can put in layman’s terms.”


Feynman said, “if you can't explain it to a 6 year old then you don't understand it.”

Paul James: What happened to your rational explanation of gravity Tim???

Tim Brooks: because an explination is rational doesnt mean anything

Tim Brooks: what matters is if an explanation is useful

Bill Gaede: feynman is an idiot! Furthermore, this MF was the guy who misled the public on JFK's assassination.

Bill Gaede: Mother Nature doesn't give a shit if an explanation is 'useful'

Bill Gaede: If that's not ow she runs her shop, usefulness is a bad criterion!

Bill Gaede: Angels are also useful!

Bill Gaede: So is God!

Paul James: “because an explination is rational doesnt mean anything”

What an idiot! It means we can visualize it and understand the relations.

Bill Gaede: Science is NOT pragmatic. Science is explanatory!

Jake Archer: Was Feynmann on the Warren commission Bil?l..I know he made a bit of a show of the shuttles O-ring rubber..what he do... post mortem, for JFK..?

Bill Gaede: No! This piece of shit was the guy who claimed that the bullet came from behind because JFK's head 'ricochetted'!

Bill Gaede: The other MF, Alvarez, was also in on it. They brought their 'expertise' to bear.

Jake Archer: Huh..what.."richochetted"..what did it bounce off..Jackies LAP..? ;-0

Bill Gaede: I suppose off the Gov's knee!

Bill Gaede: Connally's!

Jake Archer: Connaly's headrest..? WTF!?

Jake Archer: If it was Jackies lap..maybey he was getting one quick last look of the goods..before he took the horn o plenty?

Bill Gaede: The notion that idiot Feynman .put forth is that the bullet(s) came from behind (i.e., Oswald). The bullet struck the head FROM BEHIND and JFK's head went FORWARD, then back!

Bill Gaede: Jackie's statements are under lock until 2023!

Bill Gaede: She allegedly said that when she climbed to the trunk she found pieces of JFK's brain splattered there. I wonder what 'equation' Feynman will invoke to explain that? Negative momentum transfer?

Jake Archer: The camera just wasn't quick enough to capture JFKs last look at jackies jewels..but then he was meant to be rather quick on the trigger..and a member of the Cashew club..allegedly...

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  1. Feynman working for Mossad arrangement of acquiring nuclear weapons by CIA is real then how sad how even genius can be corrupted by money or Monet? Peter Falk's character, Columbo and I can prove and disprove simultaneously with fact and, means motive opportunity by truth deceit.