Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fears of Institutionalization Are Not Unfounded

Sandy Hook Shooter May Have Snapped Over Fears of Institutionalization

A neighbor who was familiar with the killer's family told Fox News today that, Adam Lanza, the man who murdered 20 children and 6 adults may have snapped over fears of being committed to a Psychiatric institution.

Also according to Flashman, the neighbor interviewed, it seems as though the killer suffered deeply over the lack of connection he felt with his mother.  He reported, "Adam Lanza believed she cared more for the children than she did for him, and the reason he probably thought this [was the fact that] she was petitioning for conservatorship and wanted to have him committed," Flashman said. "I could understand how he might perceive that—that his mom loved him less than she loved the kids, loved the school. But she did love him. But he was a troubled kid and she probably just couldn’t take care of him by herself anymore."

Despite the apparent gulf between the two, Lanza's mother seemed very confident in their relationship.  So confident, in fact, that she believed sending Adam to a Psychiatric hospital against his will was best for him.  It seems, however, that Adam was suspicious of her motives.  According to Flashman, "[Adam] thought she just wanted to send him away. From what I understand, he was really, really angry."

Why then, was Adam so afraid of such facilities?

Are Mental Institutions Healthy?

For anybody who has studied the effects of psychiatric drugs and the types of horrors imposed on individuals committed to mental health facilities, it is clear that even One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest can be considered, "watered down".  Here are a few examples of the abuse and terror that can occur in a Psychiatric institution:

Here, 18 year old Andre McCollins was shocked 31 times by the staff of Judge Rotenberg Center in Massachusetts. After the electro-shock, McCollins was left in a catatonic state, a stress-induced coma, according to authorities.  This is pure torture:

The problem appears to be systemic.  Violent abuse is certainly not the only crime committed in these so-called "Mental Health" facilities.

Reported cases of serious sexual abuse and neglect was found in a New York facility.

Chicago, too, has apparently shown NO improvement in keeping their Psychiatric hospitals safe.  Two years after an alleged "vow to safeguard" their young, at least 18 cases of sexual abuse or rape were reported at some of Chicago's most prominent facilities.

And even when crackdowns are initiated, the very same agency that owns the facility gets to audit it! So of course nothing is found and 136 patients had to die under "suspicious circumstances" before the feds stepped in with a more independent audit.

Sadly, this is a problem all over the world, from Ghana to Guatemala.


I believe now we can look at the words of Dr. Don Brady, quoted in this article, with a bit of insight.  He says 'it's clear the stigma surrounding mental illness keeps some kids from getting treatment.'  And with all of the pain and suffering that occurs in such institutions, there's no wonder why there's a stigma!

Dr. Brady continues, “Parents sometimes are very embarrassed that their child may have an emotional issue and they tend to blame themselves, so we have to take some of that blame off the parent so they can be encouraged to reach out for services."  And according to the neighbor's testimony, it is also clear why the parent was embarrassed about the child's mental health condition.  Adam must have suffered some serious abuse from his mother in order to feel unloved and unwanted as was described.

Let this be a lesson, forced medication is almost always senseless, and threatening to send away your already-isolated child is never going to help him feel better.


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