Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Take Bill Gaede's 9/11 IQ Test!

  1. BBC reporter Jane Standley told millions on live TV that WTC 7 had collapsed when it was standing in the background behind her.

                   a.) The BBC was notified in advance that WTC 7 was going to be demolished.
                   b.) Jane said it was an honest mistake and still can't understand what all the fuss was about.
                   c.) Jane confused WTC 7 with the Statue of Liberty, a very common mistake.

2. A fireman and policeman warned bystanders that WTC 7 was going to collapse before it happened.

                   a.) Key FEMA personnel, which 'coincidentally' happened to be in NYC since Sept. 10 had                     forewarning that WTC 7 would undergo a standard demolition and passed the word around.
                   b.) The warnings were overkill. Every eyewitness could tell that the buildings had experienced irreversible structural failures.
                   c.) In these tough times, some firemen and policemen must moonlight as astrologers to make ends meet.

3. OEM Director Jerry Hauer, Larry Silverstein's friend, warned NY Major Guiliani to evacuate his bunker located on the 23rd floor of Larry's WTC 7.

                    a.) Jerry Hauer was one person who had foreknowledge about 9/11.
                    b.) Giuliani thought that only the top of the building was going to fall, so it was unnecessary to alert the firemen rushing up to save people.
                    c.) Giuliani thought that 9/11 was a perfect time to move his headquarters to Pier 92 to be closer to the waterfront in case firemen needed water to put out the fires.

4. Larry Silverstein said that the fire chief decided that morning to 'pull' his building.
                      a.) Larry slipped and said more than he had to. (The word around Washington is that George Bush later beat the shit out of him for being that close to blowing the entire operation!)
                      b.) The NIST and FEMA are still investigating the causes of Building 7's collapse. They will publish their final report on the 50 anniversary of 9/11.
                      c.) Larry, a compassionate man, actually meant that the firemen would need to be 'pulled' feet first from the rubble after the building was demolished.

5. The passport of alleged Flight 11 terrorist Satam Al Qatami was found on top of a pile of rubble at the foot of the Towers.

                       a.) The Bush Team planted this piece of evidence after the Towers were demolished.
                       b.) Not everything that fell from the Towers disintegrated and burned! Just the flight and voice recorders!
                       c.) As he shouted, "Allahu akhbar", Qatami slung his passport through the windshield of Flight 11, across the fireball, so that Osama would know that he died as a martyr.

6. A Boeing 757 has a wingspan of 125 ft, yet the hole in the Pentagon is only 65 ft.
                        a.) The Bush Team fired a guided missile at the Pentagon.
                        b.) They don't make 757s that big anymore.
                        c.) The airplane folded its wings before striking to avoid scratching its feathers with the broken window.

7.  UA 93 disintegrated entirely, including fuselage, engines, and bodies, but Flight Attendant Cee Cee Lyles' DL and the red bandana of one of the alleged hijackers were found in mint condition.

                         a.) Bush's team murdered Lyles before the plane took off and took her DL from her purse to plant it later as evidence. The team also planted the red bandana to make it fit with the story told over the 'phone-y' by one of the alleged passengers.
                         b.) The plane disappeared into the soft earth and disintegrated under the ground. However, since the passengers were all at the front of the plane, their bodies, together with luggage, driver's licenses and bandanas, bounced and were scattered for miles around.
                         c.) Florida DLs are made of a special extraterrestrial material that does not disintegrate or burn as easily as black boxes, bodies, engines or tires.

8. Eyewitnesses candidly testified that they saw no bodies or airplane parts in Shanksville where UA 93 allegedly went down.

                          a.) Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville. Bush's team, which took control of the site immediately, fired a missile into the area and later shipped the body parts from the Government slaughterhouse.
                          b.) The plane disappeared into the earth, so there was nothing to see.
                          c.) The folks in Shanksville suffer greatly from myopia and, unfortunately, there are no ophthalmologists willing to settle in that godforsaken town.

9. NORAD failed to prevent the deaths of 3000 people on 9/11, yet all the military decision-makers that day were promoted.

                           a.) George rewarded these 'patriots' for a job well done (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!
                           b.) Purple Hearts and Iron Crosses are sold for a dime a dozen at the Dollar Store. The promotions are meaningless.
                           c.) These well-meaning, God-fearing soldiers were totally surprised by the bold and stealthy operation of the barefooted, camel-jockeys of Afghanistan. They did the best they could under the circumstances.

10. The FBI proved at the Moussaoui Trial that Bush's Solicitor General Ted Olson's claim that his wife Barbara called him from Flight 77 is a lie.

                            a.) Ted Olson made up the story as part of the 9/11 cover-up. The purpose of this false testimony was to perpetuate the notion that the alleged terrorists used 'boxcutters' to take over the plan.

                            b.) Barbara Olson had a special cellphone made for her by the CIA known as the Cell Phoney®.

                            c.) The FBI didn't realize that Barbara used her maiden name to call Ted.

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