Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Great Challenge of Anarchism

Any monumental shift is UPSETTING to those entrenched in the old ways. Do you think Horse-Buggy manufacturers were happy about the invention of the car? 

Of course those working for the State will protest it's abolition. But the scary thing isn't that the State has felt the threat of freemen and knows it's days are numbered...

No, the scary thing is that the State has decided, implicitly, that it's US or THEM. There can be NO society if there is no State, they say. So they expand their influence and they expand their grip on humanity. The DEPENDENCE they instill on individuals, like a bad drug, spreads until the WHOLE OF SOCIETY is part of the cult.

That is, unless we do something to change that.

It will be difficult. The State has made it's threats... it's leaders and acolytes alike have spoken in Philosophy and Political Science classes all around the world for millenia and prophesized that THEIR abolition would spell DOOM for humanity, so you'd better believe they will try their hardest to fulfill that prediction... yet, we must push forward.

Because the State is violence, and as long as Statesmen exist, there is a threat to every freeman on Earth, and there can be no peace.

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  1. I truly enjoyed this read. Thank you op.