Monday, December 31, 2012

Mathematical Physics is Irrational (Video)

From fictional black holes to irrational "non-empty" space... the mathematical physicists have clearly gotten lost in their quest for rational explanations.  Mathematical physics is mysticism used to improve engineering & technology, it is NOT rational science and this is demonstrated by the video posted above.  I hope you enjoy.


  1. Are you familiar with Tadeusz Kotarbinski's work? His theory is called reism. It's basically a logical/praxeological approach to science.

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  2. Upon my initial read through of reism, I can see how you would think that Rational Science & reism are similar, however, they do have some extreme differences.

    Reism never bothers to define the term existence. They just say, "Things exist." I define each term, thing and exist, separately.

    Also, reism holds that the only ontological category is that of objects (things). I disagree again, there are TWO fundamental ontological categories: objects AND concepts.

    Objects are that which has shape, concepts are relations b/t objects.

  3. How can you define 'thing' and 'exist' separately?