Friday, February 8, 2013

You don't want to talk to me.

My ideas are scary and my face is quite hairy so I can see why you'd rather not heed
The words that im sayin' or prayers I am prayin, but I beg you to follow no words, only deeds.
Now I know there's no god but I come in his name to destroy all the sins of the world
For rational science and philosophy are the methods I've bought and the methods I've sold
With time and attention, meticulous care you can understand any theory you dare
And then they'll come one by one all in a row, earth-shattering epiphanies and all that you know
Will be turned upside down and your head starts to spin as the concepts you've built up collapse from within
And you realize with anxious delight in your heart that life is construction and today you will start
To question and analyze, see and explain, the theories you once took for granted
from the geographical place in which you had landed
And at first it will seem like you're out at sea, stranded
As you cast aside all that you have been handed
But then you'll remember just what was demanded
Of you as a child, all innocent, candid.

"Be honest, be true, and never talk back. Understanding? That's for the Devil.
Question your parents or government, you'll be stuck in a prison or Hell's lowest level."

What you've taken on faith is fear itself,
But now that you're older, put fear on the shelf,
Go search your dark basements, in closets, under beds...
Textbooks, movies, newspapers you've read
Need to be reconsidered with sober mind,
But I know that you're terrified of what you might find

So I can see why you would rather not heed, but this is exactly what all humans need:
A head on their shoulders and esteem for one's soul, and a lifelong desire to keep oneself whole.


  1. Lovely... and true - I will see but not promise (life is strife at the mo), if I can come up with a drawing for your poem - Stellajane

  2. Thanks Stellajane! I would be honored.