Friday, November 8, 2013

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  1. Please have Stefan comment on this because I think it's a valid question. I personally think you have to differentiate between "objects that exist in the real physical world that I as a human beeing can validate with my senses". And "forces or phenomena that I can validate as a human beeing with my senses". Gravity for example do exist but it is a phenomena or force not an object. I can validate it by for example throwing my self over a cliff but this doesn't mean that it is an object, it's a force/phenomena that we have given a name (hence it's a conecept). So I belive Stefan and you actually agree but he is using words rather sloppy sometimes as we all do. I am not sure you have prooved to me that he is doing it to validate the UPB principle (to manipulate)? The point with talking about the forrest is that we as a species would benefit a lot from understanding the difference between an object and a concept (the object exists in the world regardless of you and I but the concept is created by us in the world of ideas, in the mind). He is right when he says you can climb a tre but you can't climb the forrest. And this is in fact very important to understand since we humans are so much driven by our thoughts (the brain) and the idea (concept). This factor that diffirentiate us from the rest of the animals is what makes it possible to manipulate the masses with the spoken language.